Sibelius CG

Floor Standing Speaker

On permanent demonstration in our showroom

    Sibelius CG

    Heritage & Manufacture

    The Sibelius CG is audibly identical to the SG in every aspect. It is only difference is the colour of its drive cone. The Sibelius CG, like its SG counterpart, is designed to deliver extremely lifelike sound reproduction for all genres of music, but especially classical, jazz, folk, blues and rock. From solo voice to small ensembles, chamber, symphonic orchestras and full on rock, the Sibelius CG faithfully reproduces the full dynamics of the original recording. Its shallow drive cone delivers a very wide and natural soundstage. Close your eyes and the enclosures disapear.

    The Sibelius cabinets are crafted from 3.2 cm thick French oak and take a total of 12 weeks to manufacture from start to finish. Each cabinet has its own visual signature and is matched with its left (or right) handed partner, prior to receiving its final colour finish. The drive cones are run-in for a minimum of 250 hours prior to placing. Run-in sound material varies from classical to rock music, from jazz to folk and large scale opera to speech. This means our loudspeakers are ready to play when you receive them.

    The Sibelius SG is a single drive unit, floor standing loudspeaker utilizing an internal front loaded, quarter wave ‘V’ horn. It has a shallow, all alloy drive cone which is mounted into a solid oak cabinet. Apart from the internal connecting leads, terminal posts and internal dampening materials, The Sibelius SG has no other components.

    Pairing: Because The Sibelius SG delivers so much detail (what comes in you hear) they are best paired with only well designed, high quality amplifiers. This means; very low distortion, neutral and extremely dynamic. We have no specific preference whether the amplifier design is single ended ‘Class A’ triode vacuum tube, or high quality solid state. In our listening rooms we use all kinds of amplifiers, even including a pair of high output, Class D mono-blocks. If we have a preference it is usually for ‘Class A’ but we have also had very good results with current dumping amplifiers and AB (push-pull) amplifiers.

    1093mm (H) 225mm (W) 295mm (D)
    23kg each (excluding packaging)
    7.2 Ohm
    Power handling
    35 Watts RMS – 70 Watts peak
    87db @ 1W @ 1 meter
    Maximum output
    105db @ 1 Meter peak (in practice consider 96-98db as a working maximum)
    Frequency range
    38Hz-20Khz. (-6db occurs in most acoustically well balanced listening rooms at around 32Hz)