About Art+Sound

Art+Sound® was founded by Ajay, an engineer and designer with a passion for music.

About Ajay

Inspired by his father who is an electronics engineer, Ajay became interested in audio reproduction from a young age. This combined with his obsessional interest in music resulted in a lifelong ambition to run his own company serving both these interests. In November 2019, Ajay left the secure world of Financial Services and established Art+Sound. In December 2021, he took on the additional role as Customer and Technical Services Director at Pearl Acoustics Limited.
Many times, Ajay is asked what his favourite genre of music is - simply put, he does not have one. His theory on music is that it is communication at a pure emotional level; it can bring back memories and create new ones in a moment's notice. It's pure and raw. Therefore, it should not be bound by genres; it is limited only by one's preferential (or non-preferential) imagination.

The Art+Sound approach

We sell only products that we feel produce the best possible sound quality and create a real pride of ownership. There is no hard selling and you can call to discuss your requirements without any pressure that a sale must be made - we want you to make an informed decision that is right for you. All of our brands and products are carefully selected to bring you systems that have a intrinsic synergy and musicality - so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

In home trial/demonstrations

We are great believers of in-home demonstrations/trials; after all, the only true way to understand if audio components work for you and your space is to hear them in situ. Please contact us to find out more how you can trial products in the comfort of your own home and listening space.

Art+Sound Principles


Should be simple.

“Hi-fi” has become complicated with so much choice. We have curated a selection of audio brands which bring you world class sound quality, along with the aesthetic beauty you deserve in your home.


It's unique to you.

We believe music is a part of life and should blend into your lifestyle. Stand out from the crowd and create uniqueness within your home, with beautiful music and audio systems.

Music is Art — Art is Music

Embrace creativity.

Art+Sound® believes music and art are at one with each other. We bring you audio systems that truly deserve a place in your home as pieces of art, even when no music is playing.