Floor Standing Speaker


    The LS5/9f

    A development of the famous BBC LS5/9, the LS5/9f is the perfect choice for those who prefer floor standing loudspeakers over the traditional stand-mount form factor.

    However, the changes aren't simply cosmetic. Yes, this model uses the same handmade bass/midrange driver from Volt along with the 34mm Audax tweeter as the regular LS5/9, both selected to the same tight tolerances. But the larger cabinet allows for increased bass extension and greater dynamic range.

    Based on positive feedback from customers and our dealer and distribution network, we have replaced the soldered connections for tweeter level calibration with the discrete switch first seen in the LS6, which allows for subtle adjustment of the high frequency level. This is useful to help overcome difficulties presented by some acoustic environments, especially those with a lot of absorbent furnishings and finishes.

    The cabinet follows established BBC "thinwall" construction practice, and includes the integrated plinth with flow-optimised port first seen in the LS6f. As usual, the grille is held in place using hidden magnets. A range of hand selected real wood veneers is available.

    2 Way, reflex loading
    Frequency response
    40Hz to 16kHz, ±3dB
    Nominal impedance
    87dB SPL (2.83V, 1m)
    Maximum output
    Over 100dB for a pair at 2m
    200mm Diaphnatone polypropylene
    Son Audax HD13D34H
    Thin wall construction
    Real wood veneer
    Dimensions (w/h/d)
    35cm by 105cm by 37cm (including plinth)