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The sound of your speaker will be dramatically changed by the acoustics of your room. Measuring and correcting your speakers and your room is the only way to remove these errors, so you can enjoy your music and films at their best.

The sound of your speaker will be dramatically changed by the acoustics of your room. Measuring and correcting your speakers and your room is the only way to remove these errors, so you can enjoy your music and films at their best.

There are many room correction systems available, all of which follow the same process. A microphone is placed at the listening position and a measurements is taken. This process is repeated across more seating positions and then the sound of the system is changed to try and match a predetermined response.

These systems can reduce acoustic problems, but all of them change the sound of a good speaker.

RoomPerfect Origins

In 1993 Peter Lyngdorf released the world’s first full range, digital room correction, designed for use with the highest fidelity music systems. While the system removed the worst errors that the room created, results were inconsistent results and the system changed the characteristics of the speakers used.

At the heart of the problem was the measurement process. By measuring the system with a microphone firing at the ceiling, the sound captured has already been corrupted by the room. This method cannot capture the characteristic of the speakers and so could only change the system to match a generic “good sound”.

A New Approach to Sound Measurement

Audiophiles spent great care choosing speakers and wanted their sound preserved rather than changed by the electronics used. The flaws in Lyngdorfs first correction system led to a new method of measuring the speakers and the listening room.

RoomPerfect starts by firing the mic towards the front speakers. This captures the characteristics of your speakers with the unique additions of your listening room. This allows the systems to create a target curve that’s unique to your speakers and your room.

Additional measurements are taken across the full height, width and length of the room. The problems created by the room are a three-dimensional issue and only by capturing the sound throughout the whole room can its effect be completely understood and reliably corrected.

Bass Management

At the time RoomPerfect was being developed, subwoofers were becoming more popular and often the subs in the systems didn’t perfectly integrate with the rest of the speakers. This led to another unique feature of RoomPerfect, the measurement and correction of the speakers and the subwoofers together. With the correct time alignment, RoomPerfect ensures the sound of your speakers and subs play “as one” so compact speakers can provide convincing, full range sound.

Stereo Bass

Where two subwoofers can be placed in the front corners of the room, true stereo bass is achieved. In surround systems, the bass from the left-hand subwoofer will be perfectly integrated with all the speakers on the left of the room. With the same quality of bass playing through all your speakers the most natural enveloping sound is achieved around and above the listener.

Optimal Timing

Placing woofers in the front corners of the room is the only position that can ensure the best timing from your subs. It’s only these positions that ensure all the energy they produce arrives at the listening position at the same time. Try listening to some drumming or any content with good transients and you’ll immediately hear the benefits.

RoomPerfect, Features & Benefits

  • The only correction system to preserve the sound of your speakers
  • The only system to combine the performance of your speakers and subs
  • Unique in giving best results in normal rooms without room treatment
  • Unique in giving consistent results throughout the whole room
  • Simple and reliable to use

In 2006 RoomPerfect was protected by one of the largest patents in audio history covering the 54 unique elements in its process.

Unlike most products containing room correction, Lyngdorf products have all been designed for use in the highest fidelity music systems. They are silent, fan free products, that won’t add noise to the signal path.

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