The magic of Lyngdorf RoomPerfect room correction

At least 50% of what you hear is your room… so why isn’t more emphasis placed on room correction?

What part of your system would you upgrade/change to improve sound quality? One could:

  1. Change speakers
  2. Improve quality of sources (analogue and/or digital)
  3. Upgrade amplification
  4. Add a new pre-amplifier
  5. Introduce power conditioners/power re-generators
  6. Purchase high resolution audio media
  7. Get better interconnects
  8. Swap out speaker cables
  9. Implement room treatments
  10. Change the location of your system to another room
  11. …this list can carry on…

Many of those will have a large impact on the sound quality and a combination of them will have an even larger impact - and it does make sense to get the best possible combination of the above for your needs.

However, it is a scientific fact that at least 50% of what we are hearing is the room (or the impact the room has on the sound reproduction). So why do we we not place more emphasis on room correction before potentially doing rather expensive upgrades (such as speaker cables)? Perhaps it is a “relatively” new concept, maybe it feels more sensible to upgrade the physical components or perhaps it is something that has not crossed your mind?

The sound of your speaker will be dramatically changed by the acoustics of your room. Measuring and correcting your speakers and your room is the only way to remove these errors, so you can enjoy your music and films at their best. There are many room correction systems available, all of which follow the same process. A microphone is placed at the listening position and a measurement is taken. This process is repeated across more seating positions and then the sound of the system is changed to try and match a predetermined response.

These systems can reduce acoustic problems, but all of them change the sound of a good speaker.

Lyngdorf RoomPerfect is different

RoomPerfect starts by firing the mic towards the front speakers. This captures the characteristics of your speakers with the unique additions of your listening room. This allows the systems to create a target curve that’s unique to your speakers and your room.

Additional measurements are taken across the full height, width and length of the room. The problems created by the room are a three-dimensional issue and only by capturing the sound throughout the whole room can its effect be completely understood and reliably corrected.

Experience RoomPerfect for yourself

Give us a call to discuss room correction in more detail and how it can potentially transform your system! Come to our in-home demo rooms, here in West London, and take a listen… and relax with some coffee!