German Physiks

Although the first loudspeaker to bear the German Physiks name appeared in 1992, the history of the product predates this by several years.

About German Physiks

Since 1993, German Physiks has been widely regarded as the manufacturer of the world’s most advanced audiophile omnidirectional loudspeakers. The heart of every German Physiks loudspeaker is our revolutionary DDD driver.

The German Physiks range of omnidirectional loudspeakers create an enveloping sound field in the listener’s room that more closely mimics that found in a concert hall. This provides a more natural recreation of the original musical performance and so a more enjoyable listening experience.

The heart of all German Physiks loudspeakers is the unique omnidirectional DDD driver.

The original version of the DDD driver used a cone made from 0.025mm thick titanium foil. Whilst providing an excellent sonic performance, it was also very fragile and easily damaged. The current version of the DDD driver uses a cone made from 0.15 mm thick carbon fibre. This version has a wider frequency range and it is also considerably more rugged. Each driver is hand-built by a skilled technician in our factory in Germany. This is a painstaking process that takes 6 hours. After assembly, each driver undergoes a series of rigorous tests. It is then subject to a 96 hour pre-aging process, playing specially selected music at high level. Finally, it is retested and put together with another driver to form a matched pair.