Art and Sound

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Art and Sound is a London based unique all-in-one music and art agency representing only the most exciting talents from the UK and World music and artistic scene. Not only will Art & Sound supply the works of art that set the scene for high class events, we will provide the music that plays such an important part in creating the appropriate ambiance for cultural, artistic and entertaining occasions, carefully selecting only the finest musical content.

Hire a Live Party Band or a DJ For Your Event

•  Provide great entertainment for all private and corporate events
•  Supply live music tailored to you, your function and your budget
•  Create the perfect evening with a themed event
•  Club launches
•  Hire Artwork for exhibitions and events

It is a bespoke service, tailored to the artistic character of the individual event, creating a perfect fusion of the worlds of music and visual arts.

Art and Sound is extremely reliable and we care about every single job we take on, from the smallest to the more high profile. We are dedicated, hard working, and attentive to your brief, and adore creating new bespoke ideas for your event to make it special.

Our highly skilled artists produce the smooth or lively notes that generate the interactive, entertaining and relaxing atmosphere that makes the event such a pleasurable experience.

Art and Sound’s visual artists include among others, painters of all genres, sculptors, photographers, costumiers and performing artistes.

Our repertoire includes both familiar and experimental live music from the ambient, jazz and classical music scenes for art gallery launches, cultural exhibitions,

'In the Mix' Live Performance by Soweto  Trio

‘In the Mix’ Live Performance by Soweto Trio

fashion shows, exclusive private parties and many other occasions.

We will be very happy to discuss the musical and artistic needs of your particular event. For events such as exhibitions, corporate events, family celebrations like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, or even to create the right ambiance for a bar or restaurant, Art and Sound will sell or hire exactly the right works of art. We will, of course, provide the appropriate live music to accompany them.

Art and Sound work with both visual artists and musicians because we believe the music played in the context of an art event can transform the whole environment of the venue and create the mood to fully appreciate the works of art being viewed, adding depth to the whole experience.

It is our passionate belief that all art forms complement each other and that by bringing the music of our virtuosi to support the work of our artists on display, the event you are designing will not only  be a success but will provide visitors with a sublime experience  of elegance and sensory pleasure.

For further information on any of our acts or services, or for a free no obligation quotation email: or telephone 020 3632 5942 or 0791 437 5440